URREF: Uncertainty representation and reasoning evaluation framework for information fusion

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1 December 2018
Paulo C. G. C. G. Costa, Anne-Laure Jousselme, Kathryn B. Laskey, Erik Blasch, Valentina Dragos, Juergen Ziegler, Pieter De Villiers, Gregor Pavlin

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Uncertainty management is a key aspect of any information fusion (IF) system. Evaluation of how uncertainty is dealt with within a given IF system is distinct from, although closely related to, evaluation of the overall performance of the system. This paper presents the Uncertainty Representation and Reasoning Evaluation Framework (URREF), which is developed by the ISIF Evaluation of Techniques for Uncertainty Representation Working Group (ETURWG) for evaluating the uncertainty management aspects of IF systems. The paper describes the scope of the framework, its core element– the URREF ontology, the elementary fusion process it considers, and how these are related to the subjects being evaluated using the framework. Although material about the URREF has been previously published elsewhere, this work is the first to provide a comprehensive overview of the framework, establishing its scope, core elements, elementary fusion process considered, and relationship between these and the subjects they are designed to evaluate. We also briefly describe a few use cases of the framework, discussing how URREF can be applied in their evaluation.