Vision and Mission

Society Vision

The International Society of Information Fusion is the premier global information resource for multidisciplinary approaches for theoretical and applied INFORMATION FUSION technologies.

Society Mission

The mission of ­The International Society for Information Fusion is:

1. Advocate
To advance the profession of FUSION technologies, propose approaches for solving real-world information fusion problems,  recognize emerging technologies, and foster information transfer.

2. Serve
To serve members and the international engineering, business, and science communities by providing high-quality information and educational products and services.

3. Communicate
To create international communication forums and hold international conferences in different countries that provide interaction of members of FUSION communities with each other, with those in other disciplines, and with industry and academics

4. Educate
To promote undergraduate and graduate education of information technologies at universities around the world. Sponsor educational courses and tutorials at conferences.

5. Integrate:

  • integrate ideas from various approaches being proposed for information fusion, and look for common threads and themes - look for overall principles, rather than a multitude of point solutions
  • serve as the central focus for coordinating the activities of worldwide Information Fusion-related societies or organizations.
  • to be a professional liaison to industry, academia, and government.

6. Disseminate:
To propagate the ideas on the integrated approaches so that others can build on them in both industry and academia.

7. Collaborate:
To provide a welcoming and supportive environment for fostering new international collaborations and cooperation agreements between researchers in industry and academia.