ISIF sponsors a number of activities to advance the theory and practice of information fusion. The best known activities include ISIF website services, the annual FUSION conference series, and the archival publication Journal of Advances in Information Fusion. A fourth activity sponsored by ISIF is support to working groups on specific technical topics of interest.

The advantages provided by formation of an ISIF working group include the following:

  • Official recognition and status as an ISIF working group.
  • Minimal bureaucratic overhead. ISIF asks that each group report in writing or with a brief presentation to the annual meeting of the ISIF Board of Directors. The group is free to manage its membership, meeting schedule, and activities.
  • Support to working group meetings. It is customary (though not required) that each working group hold a day-long meeting in conjunction with the annual FUSION conference. The meeting is generally held on conference premises, on the day immediately preceding or following the conference. The cost of the meeting is usually covered under the conference budget.
  • Conference special sessions. Official ISIF working groups are encouraged to hold a special session on their topic as part of the annual FUSION conference. Approval of the special session proposal, while not guaranteed, is highly likely.

The principal advantage to ISIF for the formation of working group is an enlargement of its active base of researchers engaged in collaborative efforts and supporting ISIF’s mission and activities.

Those individuals and groups interested in forming an ISIF working group are encouraged to contact the ISIF Vice President for Working Groups, Darin Dunham.

At present, ISIF has two working groups as identified below.