Fusion of Multipath Data From a Remote Sensor for Object Extraction

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1 December 2021

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This paper develops an Object Extraction (OE) algorithm from a remote sensor in the presence of multipath propagation between the sensor and the object. The OE is carried out by estimating the object’s motion parameter by fusing the multipath measurements. The signals from the object are assumed to have a low signal-to-noise ratio i.e., the OE has to be done in the presence of numerous spurious detections. This paper also discusses a method to reduce the size of the motion parameter space by considering the object’s motion in a non-inertial frame. The object is observed using a measurement model that produces range, azimuth, and range-rate using a multipath refraction model for the signal propagation through the medium. The OE accounts for the multipath environment as the model allows for multiple returns from a single object. Finally, the paper shows the effectiveness of the OE by evaluating the accuracy of the estimation with Monte Carlo simulation.