An Efficient Algorithm for Aircraft Conflict Detection and Resolution Using List Viterbi Algorithm

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Publication Date
17 September 2015

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This paper addresses the air traffic control problem of conflict detection and resolution (CDR) under intent uncertainty, in a multiple model (MM) trajectory information processing framework. The conflict detection is based on a predicted probability of conflict. The problem of conflict resolution (CR) is formulated as one of a chance-constrained model predictive control, whereby the constraint is imposed on the probability of conflict, set to guarantee a desired level of safety (in a probabilistic sense). An efficient algorithm for CDR is proposed that utilizes a List Viterbi Algorithm for finding an optimal, conflict-free, MM-maneuver sequence for CR. The capability and computational efficiency of the proposed algorithm are demonstrated by simulation of several “sense-and-avoid” UAV encounter scenarios that involve one or more intruders and horizontal and vertical MM-maneuvers for CR.


2015 18th International Conference on Information Fusion (Fusion), July 2015