Past FUSION General Chairs

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Past FUSION General Chairs - International Society of Information Fusion

ISIF is grateful to those individuals that have served as past FUSION Conference Chairs.

FUSION Conference Chairs

Pieter de Villiers, Alta de Waal, and Fredrik Gustafsson  
2019 James Llinas and Elisa Shahbazian  
2018 Simon Godsill, Lyudmila Mihaylova, and Simon Maskell  
2017 X. Rong Li and Roy Streit  
2016 Uwe Hanebeck and Wolfgang Koch  
2015 Paulo Costa and Kathryn Laskey  
2014 Juan M. Corchado and Jesus Garcia  
2013 Murat Efe and Roy Streit  
2012 Gee Wah NG and Yaakov Bar-Shalom  
2011 Darin Dunham and Amy Sunshine Smith-Carroll  
2010 Simon Maskell  
2009 Chee-Yee Chong and Robert Lynch  
2008 Wolfgang Koch and Peter Willett  
2007 Éloi Bossé and Alexandre Jouan  
2006 Stefano Coraluppi and Peter Willett  
2005 John Sudano  
2004 Per Svensson  
2003 Subhash Challa  
2002 Xiao-Rong Li  
2001 Pierre Valin and Elisa Shahbazian  
2000 Jean Dezert  
1999 Dongping Daniel Zhu  
1998 Dongping Daniel Zhu