Fredrik Gustafsson

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I have worked with estimation theory and sensor fusion practice since my PhD in 1992. My strategy has been to mix work on real world applications to learn the real research challenges, and from that formulate relevant research problems and develop their solutions. This view of the feedback loop between theory and practice has among other things generated several spinoff companies as well as research papers with quite a few citations. I find it interesting that the same core methodology can be used to spin out world leading companies in such different fields as automotive safety, indoor navigation and music production. Sensor fusion theory is really versatile!
Sensor fusion has its roots in the defence and space industry, where we have seen a strong demand and many
seminal contributions over the years. During the past two decades, a steadily growing number of non-defence applications areas have been visible at for instance the Fusion conference. As an ISIF board member, I would promote increasing more emerging civilian application areas into the scope of ISIF. Another goal of mine would be to  streamline the Fusion organisation process, and in that way increase its quality and international standing.