2012 Society Officers

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2012 Board of Directors - International Society of Information Fusion

The ISIF Board of Directors (BoD) is composed of the following: Executive Committee Members that include the Society Officers, Vice Presidents, and the JAIF Editor-in-Chief (EIC) who serves a three-year term; Past Presidents for the previous three years; and nine Elected Members, each serving a three-year term.

The 2012 ISIF BoD is listed below.

Executive Committee

President Roy Streit
President Elect Wolfgang Koch
Secretary Stefano Coraluppi
Treasurer Chee-Yee Chong
VP Communications Robert Lynch
VP Conferences Uwe Hanebeck
VP Membership Pierre Valin
VP Publications Yaakov Bar-Shalom
VP Working Groups Sten F. Andler
JAIF EIC (2012-2014) Dale Blair

Past Presidents

Past President Year 2011 Joachim Biermann
Past President Year 2010 Stefano Coraluppi
Past President Year 2009 Elisa Shahbazian

Elected Members

Elected Term (2010-2012) Simon Maskell
Elected Term (2010-2012) Peter Willett
Elected Term (2010-2012) Wolfgang Koch
Elected Term (2011-2013) Sten F. Andler
Elected Term (2011-2013) Yvo Boers
Elected Term (2011-2013) Lyudmila Mihaylova
Elected Term (2012-2014) Darin T. Dunham
Elected Term (2012-2014) Fredrik Gustafsson
Elected Term (2012-2014) Lance M. Kaplan

Past Presidents and FUSION Chairs - International Society of Information Fusion

ISIF is grateful to those individuals that have served the Society in many roles over the years.  We highlight the contribution of the Past Presidents of the Society and of the FUSION Conference Chairs.

Past Presidents

2011 Joachim Biermann
2010 Stefano Coraluppi
2009 Elisa Shahbazian
2008 Darko Musicki
2007 Erik Blasch
2006 Pierre Valin
2005 Dale Blair
2004 Chee-Yee Chong
2003 Xiao-Rong Li
2002 Yaakov Bar-Shalom
2001 Pramod Varshney
2000 Yaakov Bar-Shalom
1999 Jim Llinas
1998 Jim Llinas

FUSION Conference Chairs

2012 Gee Wah NG and Yaakov Bar-Shalom
2011 Darin Dunham and Amy Sunshine Smith-Carroll
2010 Simon Maskell
2009 Chee-Yee Chong and Robert Lynch
2008 Wolfgang Koch and Peter Willett
2007 Éloi Bossé and Alexandre Jouan
2006 Stefano Coraluppi and Peter Willett
2005 John Sudano
2004 Per Svensson
2003 Subhash Challa
2002 Xiao-Rong Li
2001 Pierre Valin and Elisa Shahbazian
2000 Jean Dezert
1999 Dongping Daniel Zhu
1998 Dongping Daniel Zhu