2012 Society Election Results

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Final Voting results for 2012 ISIF Board Renewal Election

Name Country Percentage of Votes
Darin T. Dunham USA 16.8%
Fredrik Gustafsson Sweden 24.6%
Lance M. Kaplan USA 22.4%
Garfield Mellema Canada 11.2%
Darko Musicki Korea/Australia 13.1%
Amy Sunshine Smith-Carroll  USA 11.9%

Note that the results are based on 106 voters. Many thanks to all members who have voted.

ISIF board starting on January 1st, 2012:

January 2010 - December 2012
Wolfgang Koch 
Peter Willett 
Simon Maskel

January 2011 - December 2013
Sten F. Andler
Yvo Boers
Lyudamila Mihaylova

January 2012 - December 2014 
Fredrik Gustafsson 
Lance M. Kaplan 
Darin T. Dunham